My Mind

A need, a must,

This sanctuary I trust,

The place where my thoughts are free,

Branched down from my family tree.

Somewhere to love, somewhere to hate,

This place I will never rate.

Pages flutter in my mind,

My clock ticking to the time,

Not a thought wasted on a word,

My emotions never slurred.

Welcoming the seasons,

Giving me the reasons,

To put it all down,

To let my soul be found,

Letting me know where I stand,

On the tips of the world’s hand,

And where I should go,

Before anyone knows.

If only I cause my own pain,

Keeping me sane,

Holding back the rain,

Pounding against my window pane,

Holding back my shout,

Before it all spills out.

It’s where I cried my tears,

Where I hide my fears,

Something no one should see,

But something the world will read,

Across my face,

And in my hidden place,

Because someday it will be,

Nothing but a memory,

Or maybe it is destined,

For my burdens to be lessened.

So my heart is on display,

For everyone, every day,

And use it as you wish,

Break it like a dish,

Raise it up high,

Make it a gleam in your eye.

Give it a reason to despise you,

Make it a reason to tell the truth.

There’s nothing more I want,

Because without this, it will taunt,

For it is a need, a must,

In these pages, I put my trust.

Earth Angel

We share the water… the sky… the land…

This is why history matters

We are colorful humans

As I live here on Earth,

I am determined to find myself

I am bright

I am who I am!

I am unique, bold, strong, a success, and real.

I want to be what people are talking about.

I want to learn, find my voice, get creative, solve the problems,

and escape from toxic town.

I am an earth angel!

Evasion for Reality

Sweet escape into tunnels of my mind

Leaves me wondering in the empty halls

It is so unclear as to what I may find

But there I watch as your empire falls

I close my eyes tighter against the world

I don’t want to live in reality

A place where both death and life have quarreled

Existence is tainted, always will be

Somewhere deep inside the hurt run in throngs

The lonely and the lost wish to take the skies

The escape is created from blood soaked wrongs

When we swallow our words and we close our eyes

In our own worlds we will be accepted

My own world is where my heart always fled


Looking at her, I see beauty.

She does not.

I see stardust in her hair

and sapphires in her eyes.

I see wonder in her face

and dreams in her gaze.

And I see wonder

and I feel wonder.

But in a day in her life,

In a blink of her eye,

The moment is done and

her emotions run dry.

Spent as they come,

Though at quite a cheap cost,

Her mind might be here,

But her body is lost.

Dreams steal her mind in the heat of the day,

But they’re better than nightmares

which come when they may.

If fear is a feeling like sorrow and joy,

Then, what is to tell us

that we aren’t just toys

of some giant above us?

We live on His hand

though loving and dying,

The law of the land.

She watches it all- teasing her loves are not true.

Instead of drifting away,

she takes a breath

and dives through.

She holds her own hand

and she holds her head high.

She raises her head

and smiles at me

and I stay there,


She laughs long and hard

when what she wants is to cry.

Her head and her heart are a mess.

Never again

will she break down

in tears,

With mother no more to vanquish her fears.


she spouts the thought

which she does not really know.

They run on the surface,

her true feelings below.

They say that’s she’s crazy,

but she’s misunderstood.

All she wants

is a friend.

A Harsh Truth

Here’s something of mine:

Behind the curtain where no one can see.

Groups form, lies take shape,

Everyone makes their own circle of friends,

And if you’re not already in the circle, you never will be.

You would think when a scene ends, so does the act.

It never does, people never stop pretending,

Yell at someone who shares some of your faults,

Because that will make everything better,

Shocking news, the spotlight isn’t always on you,

Hard to believe, I know,

Closed minded and selfishness should never mix.

It kills the innocents who just want apart of it all.

Oh that’s right, if you don’t pretend, you’re banished,

Heartless act of blind disapproval,

Hypocritical jerks, you’re the same as everyone else,

I refuse to conform to your ways.